Comment: Because Israel was established by the UN

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Because Israel was established by the UN

All the nations got together and said, "We have a Kew problem.. Hitler can't eliminate the pigs fast enough, people are getting sicj and tired or the round ups, the killing.. we need to do something, the Jews in Warsaw are fighting back. What the haell are we going to do about the Jews?"

They decided that it was a better plan to establish a homeland for the Jews, a place to attract them and get them out of their countries.. so Israel was created, and it has a very very interesting history.. and it's as if the powers that be, decided to gives the Jews a homeland, and the Jews have taken that land and built the greatest civilization on Earth despite all the setr backs, lies wars. More countries turn to Israel for solutions than they turn to the UN.

Learn why and how Israel signed their treaties and made their bed, and then you will understand what is really happening in the MS, and it's not what many here say.