Comment: I'll own it, this demonization.

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I'll own it, this demonization.

You can only push a "people" so far. We have learned from history that to remain silent is certain death.

We have been warning the ptb for years that they are governing in the wrong way. We have been pleading for an end to tyranny but our wishes fall on deaf ears. Instead, the ptb destroy our middle class by sending all of our jobs away, they tax us into socialistic communism, they explode their ranks with illegal voters, they dumb us down with psychotropic drugs, they grope and fondle our children and our grandmothers in the name of "security", and they invade the world killing innocents without impunity with an imperialistic, monolithic power that we, the people do not support.

Tyranny will not be tolerated. We have said this for years. Who is surprised by any of this? Who thinks this is over.

I only have one caveat to add to this post. There will come a time when psychotropic drugs will NOT play a role in what these extremist individuals do.

I truly believe the government pushes the people into these situations and will continue to push the people seeking a revolution they believe they will win (with the help of the lame street liars). The only question that remains is what will come first; the total collapse of America across the globe or her people rising up to stop it?

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