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Comment: If an authentic liberty community

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If an authentic liberty community

arose tomorrow in a world of states how would trade occur?

Let's define authentic liberty community as a group of people whose intentions had absolutely nothing to do with taking over a state but a community dedicated to the philosophy of freedom and defending each other from trespasses by states or their agents.

Would there be an abundance of gold or silver in this community? There might be some people with gold or silver but some might not have gold or silver coin.

Would people in this small community intend to exclude from local commerce like minded people who did not possess gold or silver coin? I doubt it.

Does anyone think states would condone their citizenry transacting commerce with a community who rejects the morality of statism? Review how the international community of states has treated so called tax havens.

In practice an authentic liberty community would have to deal with a reality of likely being ostracized or isolated by an international community of states or a portion of them. This community would have to figure out how to transact commerce among themselves with no abundance of a specific money.

I don't think a principal of money is that paper receipts are inherently immoral. I think a principal is more along the lines of coercing people to use a specific currency magically deemed legal tender is immoral. It is precisely the freedom to use competing currencies that would enable a fledgling liberty community to progress from inception to prosperity.