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I'm not real sure, but

here is another excerpt:
"Public attention was first drawn to the existence of the Illuminati and their diabolical plan for world conquest as the result of a bizarre accident in 1785. History records that a courier for the Illuminati, named Lanze, was racing on horseback from Frankfurt, Germany, to Paris, France, carring documents relating to Illuminati activities in general, and specific instructions for the PLANNED French Revolution in particular. The documents originated with Jewish members of the Illuminati in Germany and were addressed to the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masons in Paris. As the courier galloped through Ratisbon (Regensberg), he was struck by lightning and killed [thank you Lord :) ] All the papers he was varrying fell into the hands of the local police who turned them over to the Bavarian Government. The authorities ordered the police to raid the headquarters of the Illuminati. This resulted in additional documents being captured: these documents revealed that the conspirators had world wide aims.
All of the carefully documented evidence was brought to the attention of the governments of Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, and Russia. For one reason or another, possibly inside Illuminati influence, these governments chose to turn a deaf ear to the warnings contained in these dreadful documents. Four years later, the French Revolution exploded on the European scene in all of its hideous fury.
Sir Walter Scott, in the second volume of his The Life of Napoleon, points out that the events leading up to the French Revolution were all created by the Money Barons - the illuminati - whose agents then led the mob in creating the famous Reign of Terror.
The following facts emerged; Adam Weishaupt was born on the 6th of Feb, 1748. His early training by the Jesuits had inspired him with an intese dislike of that Order. When he broke with the Jesuits, he immersed himself in the subversive and anti-Christian teaching of the French philosophers and other writers who appealed to his innate sense of superiority.
The next five years were devoted to meditation, during which time he devised a plan to overthrow civilization and establish what he termed a "Novus Ordo Seclorum" - a New World Order. He constructed the actual machinery for revolution itself. On the first of May, 1776, Weishaupt founded the secret society of the Illuminati, the instrument by which he planned to accomplish his goal." [(Newswatch magazine, Sept. 2009. pgs 4-5 / taken from "Fourth Reich of the Rich, by Des Griffin, 1983, ISBN;0-941-380-00-9)]

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
- Ron Paul