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Didn't America start with the

Didn't America start with the exact system that you described - limited Constitutional government funded by foreign trade tariffs? Why then has it grown to become this massive socialist experiment with blind consumption based economy. Do you think that going back to the same setup, will prevent/restrict future expansion of the state.

Limited constitutional government funded by tariffs is what made us a rich and free nation. When we adopted the free trade policies of the British Empire and the income tax, that's when the massive socialist experiment began. It was progressives like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and Clinton who scaled back tariffs and who pushed free trade on us. Wilson also gave us the Federal Reserve, the income tax, conscription, world war, imprisonment of war dissenters, press restrictions, etc.

The people who want the centralization of power are the ones who hate tariffs. The world government folks want free trade, open borders and mass immigration into the USA.

States should be the ones who determine if gay marriage is legal, or universal health care, drug legalization, etc. The federal government shouldn't have anything to do with any of that if we follow the Constitution. We have the right to bear arms under the Constitution so that is not a state matter. Neither are tariffs or taxes on trade outside a state's borders.

Washington cannot tax food grown in Oregon or California differently than in other state. That would violate the Constitution.

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