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If rockets came flying over the border, and the Texas Rangers decided they were going to launch mortars, or a missile or something at where the rockets came from...? Yes I would.

BUT.... You should know that is not a good analogy because it is OUR WAR ON DRUGS that is causing the violence at the border anyway... And there HAS BEEN Hundereds of cases of MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSIONS INTO THE US, AND WE DID NOTHING!!! 50.Cal Machine Guns mounted on Hum-Vs pointed at Texas State Troopers!!! It is well known our CIA is complicit with the DRUG CARTELS... So... In that way the analogy is correct... OUR CIA is playing all sides against each other, funding all sides... Israeli people, like the American people, just want to be free and live a good life.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?