Comment: You need to read the FBI

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You need to read the FBI

You need to read the FBI report about the dancing Israelis. And watch the news reports. They were caught with explosives on one van, and traces of explosives in another. Magic Heating and Plumbing, a Mossad front company, had employees in the WTC doing illegal unauthorized "repairs." What in the world where they doing there? ONLY the Port Authority had authorization to do repairs. I could go on an on. The Israelis did NOT give the US specific warnings about 9/11. And the planes did NOT bring those towers down, only two of which were actually hit by a plane.

Somehow, I doubt you would view the govt's case against Moooslim terrorists as based on circumstantial evidence. The FBI in fact has admitted that it has no proof OBL masterminded 9/11. When neo-con war cheerleaders get phony anthrax, and war critics get the real stuff, with messages of Death to America and Israel, and with foreknowledge BEFORE anyone had reported anything about the anthrax letters, it is hard to imagine the anthrax scare NOT being from Israel. I look at all of the evidence and fail to see how so many facts can be just coincidences.