Comment: I have threatened my fair share of "police" officers

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I have threatened my fair share of "police" officers

You really want to threaten them? Go after them PERSONALLY. To hell with their department, people who sue the department are just looking for a payday.

I had one officer threaten to tow my vehicle, I told him I would sue. He said go ahead I hear it all the time. I said no, I don't give a shit about your department, I will sue you personally for damages, expenses and legal recourse as this is a clear violation of your oath. You know damn well you lose your capacity for Qualified Immunity when what you are doing is clearly illegal. So I'm going to tell you again. Whatever it cost me to get my vehicle back, I will charge you in civil court times 50.

He took a much different stance and only issued me a citation which I promptly refused for cause and mailed a copy to my case file in my local district court with the original sent off to traffic court. Never heard anything about it again.

I am done playing their idiotic "I'm god and all powerful because I wear a costume and a tin badge" schtick. If everyone went after these officers in a personal matter. You'd see a much different approach.

Stop going after the departments, it's the city that pays the fine anyway. Go after them and ruin their existence for their dumbass mistakes.