Comment: Evilkinis you mean.

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Evilkinis you mean.

Evilkinis you mean. Devilkinis!

I use ad blockers and firefox so I don't see most of them but.. What a perfect opportunity this is!

I can tell you not vaguely but exactly what needs to happen to get the evilkinis off DP.

Talk to other women and get them on board with liberty. It is a sad fact that women (raises shields) tend to have more pecuniary and parochial concerns. They don't often see past the nest. The nest is important but there are things that will affect the nest that are coming and they should be concerned about.

Explain this to them and there will be more women here and we'll see some advertisers with beefcake instead of cheescake.

That is the only thing that will work if you're concerned about what other people see.

If you're concerned about what you see, get an addon ffs. Also the addons to protect you from cheesecake should be the LAST ones you should be concerned with, get privacy addons first.