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my "fault."
I didn't know the guy. Didn't see what happened. Wasn't there.
Interesting that he supposedly brought all his "literature" to the airport. That's real convenient. reminds me of that fireproof passport..Interesting flip flop on the alleged shooter story as well.
I'm afraid a line has just been drawn.

Some of us have seen the manufacturing of the "domestic threat" narrative, coming up the road.

This is not a time to sacrifice truth for political correctness..although civility is always the goal.
This is more serious on a different level.
"for those who have eyes to see" Someone mentioned "timing" below.
I feel like there's a storm on the horizon. More so than before. In fact I'll be shocked if we make it through the year without something serious happening.

Ron, I hope you were trying to be sarcastic and not lump a great group of people in with something "we" had NO part of. Seems like the headline should be about that hate mongering shit starting Potok.
Any decent person would be REPULSED by these alleged actions.

I'd MUCH rather be talking about fishing or something of interest, rather than having to concern myself with the absolute BIZARRO world conditions I see my country heading into.