Comment: Putin is a Russian Nationalist

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Putin is a Russian Nationalist

Sure, he was in the KGB and was a member of the Communist party for a while. How else could anyone rise to meaningful power there? Now that he has power, he is opposed to the Communists, opposed to the globalist bankers, and is working to restore Russian nationalism, morality, and pride. As corrupt as their system has been throughout the decades of Communist rule, you can't reasonably expect things to magically change overnight. Obama cannot even compare to Putin. Obama has ZERO loyalty to the nation over which he presides and, in fact, is doing his best to fundamentally reduce it to a fractured dysfunctional ghost of its former world dominating greatness.
And, FWIW, there never really was communism in the USSR. What they really had was a corrupt form of crony capitalism which exploited the masses for the material gain of a handful of people.