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Comment: 3 fundamental rights

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3 fundamental rights

Without exploring your links or previous posts, I will begin with the following observations. Re: the right to free speech, the fundamental difference between humans and animals is that man alone has the ability to speak. Man alone was formed in the image of his Creator, who created the universe through speech. That is why Genesis uses the terminology, "G-d said, 'Let there be light' ... " and so on. Speech has the power to create and destroy. Abracadabra. Speech is the primary link between man and his Creator. Second, the right to life is referred to in the Declaration of Independence, but also in the Bible. When Cain murdered Abel, G-d did not kill Cain immediately in response. Why? Because Abel was responsible, in part, for his own death. How? Because Abel did not defend himself against Cain. In other words, the Second Amendment was referred to in the Bible, in the very beginning. Self-defense is a basic human right and obligation. Third, there is one right implied in the Constitution which preceded the Bill of Rights, and that is the right to declare bankruptcy, which is the right of an individual to declare all debts against him null and void. That is why the Constitution requires that the laws of bankruptcy be uniform between the States.