Comment: This is Bullsh*t

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This is Bullsh*t

You're an idiot.

Our entire Government hated the leaks, tried lying about it (to deny the content), then canceled Snowden's passport and aggressively pressured other governments to kill him or turn him over to the U.S. be jailed/tortured. And they would have killed him had he ever tried to get on a damn plane.

They all regard him as a traitor, and a Terrorist. They even arrested Glen Greenwald's partner and classified him too as a "terrorist", simply for being in possession of some Snowden materials.

Snowden would be dead already (killed by our government/CIA) had it not been for the Russian government intervening on his behalf, and providing him with an safe asylum option.

Obama had a hissy fit after Russia decided to protect him, and like a spoiled child, refused to even meet with Vladimir Putin or acknowledge him at the G20 summit.