Comment: I believe it's completely the opposite

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I believe it's completely the opposite

Can you debate this vid Ira? I mean I'm sure you can lob insults and call names, but can you eliminate such fillers and debate this on an intellectual level? Here's five Palestinian lies you believe.

24 minutes

If you wake up Ira, you might find the path to peace is love, not just for the victims of one side, but ALL innocent victims.

It would be nice if we could have a debate about Israel, but you have to understand the history and laws, the governments and the peoples, and end the violent name calling and insults.

I think it's an important topic, and I think I offer a great opportunity for the DP community to debate with someone who is a long time member and experience as a Ron Paul grassroots activist rEVOLutionary, Ron Paul Republican and delegate.

I woke up recently and why I support Israel. I am convinced there are two enemies against Israel, those who have bought into the YouTube/ANSWER/ 911 conspiracy theory antiwar propeganda (not that there are not real issues), and those who profit off Israel.. they cover Israel in crap to turn people away.. it's how they "bury their treasure".. if Americans knew what was really going on in Israel, America's government would have a hell of a time scraping the constitution.. people wouldn't let them.. But when you have a so called Liberty Movement standing with the UN global government, Palestinian Authority (most here have NO idea what they is) and radical Islam.. and accuse Israel of genocide and tyranny.. Liberty Movement might as well be an Occupy Movement.. what frustrated people who let duel citizens take political power in their hometowns because they refuse.

So what's it going to be Ira, more name calling and insults to replace an actual debate? What's your level?