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Bill3 could argue me into a corner and twist my words around backwards. There's no way I could win an intellectual battle with Bill3. I like him. It's always fun, but he is probably debate team USA #1. One night he totally messed me up. I started tripping all over my words.

Bill3 is a true wordsmith. I like Chris too. It's fun, especially after too much beer.

Dr. Paul said whatever you do, have fun. I like shooting the doo-doo in chat. Bill3 could turn me into a socialist or nazi or whatever halloween costume is available. He can suck my deviated septum. :)

I should pop into chat more often again. Problem is then if I'm ripped they make me go on the radio to prove my idiocracy. "Come on O'Farrell, call in...

We should start a libertarian lucadore (sic) group. That would be way too cool. We could put on crazy outfits and wrestle and pretend to be on all kinds of sides. We could KO people with the constitution.

Good poop.