Comment: What people did not catch that day in Tampa and more

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What people did not catch that day in Tampa and more

Nicole,, Bryan,
almost no one payed attention at the RNC that day.
Rand Paul was named one of the officers that was responsible for the rules on the floor. I believe there were total of 4 officers named that day.No One to this day had asked him why he did not act.

The day before I found Jessie drinking with his wife in a bar instead of preparing for the event. When I asked him he simply said: " we have no one to know house rules for presidential nominee" therefore we will let it go.

I asked him based on his knowledge how many state the campaign has for nomination from the floor and he answered two.
What Jessie did not know was that I just came from a secret meeting
where we were trying to nominate Dr Paul(Bryan, I think you may have been at the same one). There were total of three meetings that night and the main requirement for anybody to end up on them was not to be part of c4l.
We just had zero trust in c4l that they will do anything. As they did.

And I kept Jessie for almost two hours that night to draw strategy after strategy to find out next day that he escaped from the floor when was the moment to act.

and I have spoken to John Tate before and after the august 28 2012 and he had no intention of fighting and was waiting for orders. John was very tired physically and emotionally.

In Liberty