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"The USA should take it's

"The USA should take it's troops, and it's frns, it's occupations and go home.. do for America what Netanyahu is doing for Israel, because Israel knows what to do about Iran and they don't need or want America."

Your quote.

Sure, the Israelis do some good things, and they invent some new things and make some new weapons. What you're missing is they do it with American money and technology and personnel, quite often. Look, if you want to believe there is no such thing as aid to Israel, then you're just being silly. The fact that it's number 3 on the list of countries we've provided aid to - even in your attachment - just underscores that. Of course it is less than in countries where we have been fighting an active war for the past ten years and then trying to teach them how to govern like sane people.

I'm not sure what your point is, but if Israel really doesn't want to accept our federal reserve notes, I propose a unique new plan, where they can give them back to me. I'll take a 33 1/3 contingency fee, then return the balance to the U.S. Treasury. Hey, a guy's gotta eat! Right?

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