Comment: There's a larger question.

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There's a larger question.

When does our humanity kick in? If anyone can get through 17 minutes of this video, you are a better person than I am.

Whatever this man did, did not warrant the conduct of the people dressed like ninja warriors. Notice you can't identify them? Notice also the police officers who can be identified are watching what's going on and are feeling very uncomfortable with the actions of the ninja warriors in the cell. Yet, not one of them was man enough (or human enough) to call a halt to using these tactics. The tactics you witness, folks, are used at GITMO. The chair, making the person feel as though they are makes my blood boil. Everyone of the people in the cell and the other officers standing around watching should be fired. They should never see a gun and a badge again. This isn't protect and serve, it's search and destroy. It might interest people to learn these chairs are in police departments across the country, and God only knows what doesn't make Youtube.

When an officer has a person on the ground and restrained, then uses a closed fist to pummel that person around the head, while another officer uses a baton to beat their legs, breaking their legs and all the crowd does is announce, "don't worry, we have this on film" there's something wrong. When does our humanity kick in? When do citizens who witness this type of behavior confront the officer (s) and tell him/her that's enough?

I believe the humanity has been conditioned right out of us. How can people watch what goes on and not do something about it? Knowing citizens aren't going to react is a reason why some officers take it to the extreme, because they can and noone is going to do anything about it, except film it.

We don't need to use lethal force, we merely have to stand up for the other person. We've lost our humanity and we must find our humanity, before its too late.