Comment: Very interesting article!

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Very interesting article!

Maybe I read too much into it but, it seemed to confirm my suspicions about Cruz.

Rand's getting it done for the cause; Cruz is a neocon Trojan Horse; and Mike Lee had better watch his back, hanging out with Cruz (... or is Lee "our" Trojan Horse? Hmmm... didn't consider that until now). DC politics is an ugly game. Rand is proving himself to be a real pro who can beat them at their own game, if, imho, we help by laying low while he makes his moves and give him the kind of support he will need near the finish line.

Thanks for posting this article! It speaks volumes about Cruz, and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it makes it clear that Rand is the rising star with "Paulistinians" now, whether they themselves know it or not.

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