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Comment: Protest vote when it's rational

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Protest vote when it's rational

Certainly the Republican Party has problems. Ron Paul supporters know that better than anyone (or at least as well). But a protest vote for Sarvis in the Virginia governors race doesn't make sense.

Fed up with the lack of differences between the two parties? Good! Me too. It's the corruption. But we're working on it.

The goal is to get good people in at all levels. Work to ensure that all the people in charge of running the party in Virginia are good people. That's not a Republican Party con; that's what Ron Paul supporters have worked to do, with some success.

But now we're looking at the Virginia governors race specifically. The next governor of the state will be either Ken Cuccinelli or Terry McAuliffe and a protest vote for Sarvis buys you nothing.

There are serious and fundamental differences between these two guys. Terry McAuliffe is a crooked Washington insider who's made a lot of money illegally with the help of political connections. He's basically a mobster. He's even under investigation by Obama's "Justice" Department (but only for a business in which he had Republican Party insiders as partners).

Ken Cuccinelli has no such baggage and has shown as the state's Attorney General, that he has a much better stance on individual civil rights and the Constitution.

Why in the Sam Dagit would you protest against Ken Cuccinelli?

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