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Not sure, but he is shredding it to pieces in NJ

Christie's "win at all costs, no matter what my policies do to this country" appears to be pretty popular. Scary:

"Chris Christie Is About to Win a Landslide, And He Wants Every Republican To Understand Why"

As Gov. Chris Christie (R) prepares to romp to a landslide re-election in New Jersey on Tuesday, he has a message for Republicans everywhere: There's no need to limit yourself to 53% if you stop despairing and follow my lead.

On Sunday evening, here's what Christie told Morris County voters, at a rally held by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance:

We need to show the Republican party in America that we can win again. And guess where they're going to be watching on Tuesday night to see if we win: right here in New Jersey.

Christie was too polite to say this, but Republicans will actually be watching two states on Tuesday: New Jersey, where Christie will win a landslide, and Virginia, where Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli will lose badly.

Unlike Christie, Cuccinelli is a favorite of conservatives who love ideological purity and hate compromise. You could hardly come up with a better test case for Christie's compromise-or-die message.