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I do not believe in the false notions claiming that scarcity of Gold is not an obvious criminal LEVER to be used by criminals who take over government, if that is what is being claimed.

When someone claims that "fiat" currency is in any way bad by itself, if that is being done, then that claim is as false.

If the word "fiat" means: false, then why not use the word false, instead of "fiat"?

A group of people needing credit, or purchasing power based upon the potential to create things worth producing, then an issue of "fiat" currency can be issued for that purpose, and the obvious example of such a group of people needing that type of credit is the case whereby the people in this country were defending Liberty against The British Army of Criminal Invaders who were sent here in this country to enforce Absolute Despotism upon these people in this country.

The very serious problem that occurs when a number of people, such as the defenders of Liberty in this country faced, is the problem of having your own leaders turn their coats, and your own leaders in defense of Liberty become criminals who commit fraud and extortion upon the people who are led into a false belief in those leaders who have turned their coats.

The meaning of the term turncoat may be worth knowing accurately.

When the credit earned by the defenders is then used exclusively in the work required to defeat the criminal invaders then those who survive are in Debt to those who spent their supplies, consumed their supplies, in defense.

A turncoat would be exemplified by a no-bid contractor who was paid in Gold for the "service" of issuing the actual "fiat" money, and then the issuer of the "fiat" money, having done nothing in defense against the criminals, other than issuing the "fiat" money, claims to then have the Legal Power to demand "interest" payments on that issue of that emergency money.

A turncoat would be exemplified by a no-bid contractor who sells military supplies to both sides of the combatants in the attack by the criminals upon the defenders, or "the war" so called, whereby the no-bid contractor is then holding emergency currency, after the war, and whereby the supplies supplied to both sides may have been sold at an inflated (scarcity) price to both sides, and the supplier may have supplied defective goods, and the supplier may have had a deal going with the no-bid contractor issuing the "fiat money" (at interest) whereby the supplier of war materials (war profiteers) may have had a guarantee that their holdings of "fiat money" would be the first in line to be repaid "on par" with Gold, upon the unfortunate event whereby the profitable war ends sooner than desired.

So confusing emergency credit money used in defense of liberty with fraudulent and extortive criminal issues of false money may be an error made unwillingly by those who have been fooled.

I'm not fooled.

Emergency currency based upon accurate accounting has served mankind when it is accurate, and the turncoats, and the fools, may discredit such things, while the turncoats profit from that censorship, and the fools are working pro bono?

Depressions caused by criminals who make their monopoly money scarce, so as to force those needing money into a false belief that those needing money MUST pay the "interest" payments, because there is no competitive option other than paying the "interest" payments, are faced with a serious problem with said depressions caused by said criminals.

What to do?

When the criminals cause all the specie money to exit an area (Gresham's Law), the victims can make their own money at home under such conditions of enforced (by fraud) scarcity.

An example is provided in our history in this country we may call America.

When the criminals take over government, and the criminals issue their criminal money, the criminals hand the victims the bills.

When the victims have had enough of paying the bills, they fight back against those criminals with their criminal fraud money.

They make their own money at home.

Then the criminals claim that it is against the law to make your own money at home.

Then what?

Chicken butt?