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Dictators dictate

Dictators dictate, that is how a dictator becomes a dictator, they dictate.

One of the favorite things done by Dictators is to Dictate that which is, and that which is not, money.

That is what Dictators love to Dictate.

It is not a new thing.

Another favorite thing done by Dictators is a resort to borrowed falsehoods or Dictators make up new falsehoods that work better than the falsehoods borrowed.

One example of a borrowed falsehood is the often repeated falsehood, repeated by Dictators who Dictate these falsehoods in such a way as to convince the targets of their falsehoods that the falsehoods are true, whereby money is what they say it is because they say it becomes money through the free market.

So such dictates are obviously false since the Dictators resort to falsehoods in order to Dictate their versions of money into being "chosen" by their targeted victims.

They say, you must use this money, because we, we the Dictators, say so, and at the same time, we say, we the Dictators say, that the only money is chosen because it is chosen by everyone in a free market, all the time, and therein lies the lie.

When shown where, how, why, when, how much, how often, how voluntary, and how effective, accurate accounting works, in a free market, the Dictators often resort to their other favorite things to do on the Dictators lists of things to do, which is to resort to more falsehoods.

Claims of no such things as accurate accounting practices in the creation and use of competitive money supplies are made, and claims of there being some mysterious force forcing people to choose accurate accounting practices in the creation and use of competitive money supplies are made, and claims of preposterous authority over the meaning of mutual agreements made by people among themselves are often made by Dictators, despite accurate accounting existing as to the actual meaning meant by the actual people participating in those mutually beneficial agreements made by those people engaged in those mutual agreements to use money that is based upon accurate accounting practices instead of false accounting practices.

Dictators often confuse the difference between accurate accounting practices and false accounting practices as if there is some profit to be had by Dictating such confusions into being.