Comment: No idea why you are complaining, but if he's paying you by check

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No idea why you are complaining, but if he's paying you by check

and he's not reporting it to the IRS, he's an idiot.

If you can get him to 1099-misc you that might be the safest option.

It could be that he doesn't have a Federal EIN, in which case, he can't report anything on you.

He may WANT to remain doing business that way, because if he gets an EIN just to report what he pays you, the presumption now is that he is an "employer" under the code and must report EVERYONE he pays.(actual status is usually ignored by the IRS and the courts. You can "elect" to be treated as if the law applies to you and not only will they not question your choice, they will enforce it on you, even if you didn't know it was a choice. They'll even lie to you and tell you there is no choice, even if there is one)

In short,your demands are likely to fubar a probably legal arrangement for everyone else based on your insistence of what you think the law is.

Personally, the "right" thing for you to do here is quit.

How odd, there are millions looking for work and maybe hundreds of thousands (or more) of them would want your exact arrangement—who maybe even pass up jobs because their bosses ignorantly insist on stealing from them and reporting the theft to the IRS. And here you are, wanting your boss to steal and report on you and you don't want to quit. Did I just enter the Twilight Zone?