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no way.

Adam is playing with the odds of having to spend a significant amount of time in jail. Not many many years, but perhaps a few months to a couple of years. Like it or not, it is an adversary system, and you run the risk of getting a prosecutor that sees him as a statistic he can tout when bragging about his results. If that happens, and he has no counsel, he would get hosed. He's not arguing about a weekend in jail and twenty hours of picking up trash in an orange jacket at roadside here. he needs someone who knows the system and almost as important, knows how it works there locally. That is key to succeed most of the time. Fortunately, for his sake, there is no indication that he is taking any such ideas seriously.

Heck, even if he intends to go to trial and lose, then appeal it to try to create new caselaw precedent, that involves some legal strategizing that goes way over the head of a quickie course on pro se tactics.

Just telling it like it is.

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