Comment: there are only two sources of wealth--

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there are only two sources of wealth--

land (food/shelter/paper) and minerals/resources (metals, precious gems)--

the sea . . . with fishing--

I'm not sure where that fits, because in the past the seas were open for anyone to fish--

and for anyone to plunder--

probably many of the great fortunes that built huge estates in England were built upon piracy--

who knows? Some surely were.


add labor to land and minerals--

I'm fitting timber (materials to build homes) into land--

and then there is mining for granite, etc.--

as well as minerals/metals.

The fact is that you have to have raw resources and labor--

put them together and you get REAL wealth--

anything else is . . . some kind of bunco game; to pretend otherwise is to be in denial--

most investments make money from cheap labor--

somewhere down the 'ladder' someone had to work for very little in order for someone 'higher up' to get rich--

some people figure out how to impel or coax other people how to work for almost nothing, so that those people 'smart' enough to do so can have wealth--

after many centuries of such a system being in place, most people forget where real wealth comes form--

resources. Those who own the resources can, ostensibly, get others to work for them for very little and get rich--

You can't eat paper, or at least it doesn't taste very good. You actually can't eat metal either, though most of the time it can 'buy' food--

the production of food is probably the most valuable thing of all; without food, people starve, even rich people--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--