Comment: There are no "Constitutional Rights", only "Natural Rights"

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There are no "Constitutional Rights", only "Natural Rights"

Our "natural rights" are not created by the constitution, and cannot be destroyed by any law. The right to own/bear arms, the right to free-speech, the right to peaceably assemble, the right to privacy are all "natural rights" (meaning they exist with or without a constitution).

The constitution is a document of law which exists to criminalize attempts by government agents to infringe those pre-existing rights. So there are no "constitutional rights", only "constitutional crimes".

For example: It is a "constitutional crime" to disarm lawful citizens, because the constitution deems such act a criminal violation of the "natural rights" of all people.

If a government fails to observe the natural rights of its people, and the same government also fails to prosecute criminal violations of the constitution, the only protection of "natural rights" is for the people to enforce "natural law".