Comment: +1 for subject and logic.

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+1 for subject and logic.

If I lived in VA, I'm 99% certain I'd vote for Cucinelli.

That said, the lesser evil argument really irks me. I gave you a +1 because your logic is unassailable.

Had your critics stated, for example,"A vote for Sarkis IS LIKE a vote for McAuliffe," then they'd have the logical high ground. But in their attempt to propagandize a vote for either the GOP or lesser evil, they make the FALSE statement that a vote for A = a vote for B. No, it does not. A vote for A = a vote for A. You nailed it.

The only argument you didn't employ and I wish you had is this one: in the marketplace products can AND SHOULD fail unless and until they become superior. In other words (and again I would vote for Cucinelli in all likelihood) perhaps the GOP needs to fail so it can come back with a superior product (like Goldwater, Reagan or Paul) and win. And that the GOP shouldn't be attacking Brand C, when the GOP is Brand B in the generic race. They should improve their brand and take over the Brand A slot.