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Yes, heaven on earth

I've just recently learned about Sepp. He's my new hero. :) His farm is so beautiful. His farming practices make so much sense. How sad, to see how the government is treating the land on "the other side of the mountain." Yes, this is the future of agriculture if the current system doesn't destroy the environment first *OR* if the U.N. doesn't put a halt to it. This idea of self-sufficiency and supplying one's town with fresh, locally-grown organic produce and meats *is* antithetical to the global agenda that has us buying garlic from China, pineapple from Indonesia, and tomatoes from Mexico. People like Seth are a threat to supporters of Agenda 21, a whole giant program that PRETENDS to have the environment as its priority.

Anyway, you might already be aware of these videos (replacement links for those pulled), as well as this fun interview I came across where Sepp talks about how it all began, when he was a child:

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