Comment: I think this might be a trolling, but...

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I think this might be a trolling, but...

In case it's not

Me and the ex made a baby years ago without insurance. I paid cash. I saved for seven months. It was about 3.8K, then add in the rest of years... hehe yeah having a kid is not cheap. Then on top of that the credit collectors will try to rob you and kill your credit score. Then you pay twice or suffer. I suffered. My credit is crap. Also, the collectors called for an ambulance that hauled me to a hospital once when I had insurance. I had to pay it off to fix my credit. That's BS. Never admit to anything.

Anyways, tell them you don't want any tissues, I think the tissue box cost $75 back then, no joke. Now it's prolly $100. If you pay cash they will break it all down. You'll see why folks come here to have a child illegally and not pay for it. I don't like paying for some illegal birth's $100 box of kleenex. That kleenex could have stopped the mess.

You could prolly wheeze the juice and get a free ride if you pretend you can't speak English. You'd be one of the dregs of society though.

Make your choice. But my belief is you made it, you pay for it.

Screw obamacare.

your state will always take you in emergency.