Comment: I agree with 95% of the analysis

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I agree with 95% of the analysis

I would point out that countries such as north Korea and Iraq had citizens starving as much from sanctions as anything else.

The Libyans prospered under Ghadaffi and easily led Africa in many socio-economic categories.

That Kim Jong-Un is sitting in luxury in his palace while many of his people are starving is just as applicable to Obama in the White House here in America.

Why cast dispersions on foreign dictators? It weakens your argument in general.

I am a great believer in home schooling, and your piece on propagandized education is right on the mark.

Some companies also quietly encourage heavy government regulation so that they can monopolize their market share and make it difficult if not impossible for start ups to enter their market.

In a global economy with total free trade, as 3rd world countries continue to see an improved standard of living, the west will continue to decline.

If everyone in the world had a million dollars, a million dollars would buy you one can of coke.

As for North Korea, consider the difference between North Korea and Vietnam. How the conflicts ended and how it shaped the countries as they exist today.

I would also point out that Kim Jong-Un was raised in the same propagandized educational setting that you referred to earlier with your religious example. Do we blame a scorpion for being a scorpion?