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Comment: Sarvis isn't my idea of a Libertarian

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Sarvis isn't my idea of a Libertarian

His website says he wants to install a consumption tax. Why? So other taxes can be reduced.

Yeah, right.

Here's an idea: how about reducing or eliminating other taxes and replacing them with NOTHING. (Gee, seems to me some elderly statesman who ran for President said something like that, too.)

In addition, Sarvis appears ready to make Virginia a sanctuary state for illegal foreigners. Open borders are great only if the welfare state is dismantled first. The crush of illegals on the "safety net" in Virginia will surely require the added revenue from Sarvis' new consumption taxes.

There are other problems I see, but the bottom line is Ken Cuccinelli is a superior candidate to Sarvis. If I lived in Virginia, I'd campaign for Cuccinelli just as Ron Paul has.