Comment: aftermath of the state

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aftermath of the state

describing the immediate aftermath and chaos that results from the failure of the state itself as anarchy, as some equivelent of market anarchy, is bizarre nacisistic statist thought. I doubt as the state sinks into the waters it will neglect to try to pull us under with it.

I would rejoice if we lived in a society that had long enough realized government can't take on the role of saving for you, that it can't be trusted anymore than yourself not to spend the money. With that realisation, people make their own choices in life, many benefiting from their own foresight. We've already seen societies where wise personal choices benefiting those that make the right choices, lead to a society with greater material wealth over all. These are long term returns though, That has happend before on levels that government didn't control, benefitting many. Frankly much of the wealth in our society today, much of the things we have produced, are dispite the governments we live under, not because of them.

The chaos in the aftermath of the state is not the product of people making their own choices, it is the compounding result of prolonged process where others make (at best) blanket rule choices for people whom they are far removed from, a process that regulates productivity and economic oppertunity out of existence. resulting in a prolonged, painful socio-economic crash.

transitioning to a free society will require that people do not go back to the game of thrones just because they confuse the sting of government aftermath as what market anarchy is.