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on nature selecting you for motherhood.

I believe people wholly deserve a government they demand. I believe people on the receiving end of tyranny who have demanded a police state is just.

It would be nice if people who believe in liberty had the courage of someone like Jesus and place themselves between the oppressed prostitute and Pharisees or Saddusees in positions of authority. It would be nice if there were communities of like minded people who defended one another from trespasses by states. It would be nice if there were free markets to obtain affordable health care. It would be nice if health care was like technology products where there is little government intervention and they get better, faster, or cheaper every year.

Such things don't exist and aren't on the horizon. You say you don't want to be in their system. As one who isn't, I can understand the sentiment. However, we all have our roles. Taking on unnecessary risk to confront injustices and trespasses of evil men who lust for power is not a game for parents while parenting unless it should become absolutely necessary. The future is in your womb and if you genuinely believe in any philosophy of liberty ... you have an obligation to pass on everything you have learned to your posterity and hope they take it to heart.

I did not write because I had any specific pregnancy suggestions. I wrote because some people, such as myself, are very vocal that people ought to resist injustices of the state if anyone expects states to trespass less. I wrote to remind you that this is not an absolute. It is like a libertarian in political office. The goal may be to eliminate the state but take whatever reduction in the state whenever you can get it. Same with not participating in the system or resisting injustices of the state. Talk about it constantly, but it may not be possible to practice it all the time. Take whatever reduction in state trespasses or resistance against the state however and whenever you can get it.

Regarding Obamacare or what you are going to do. Do whatever is best for you whether it involves solutions inside or outside the system. One has no control if the best solution is inside or outside the system. Follow your heart, exercise what you believe to be the best judgement for you, and live your life as it best pleases you. You only get to live it once.