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and sometimes here you find people who have far more experience with matters at hand to see that implausibility lies in the story that they've been told, and that assholiness surrounds those that would ridicule them.

Were you to look for, or were you surrounded by such in the form of long time friends and coworkers, you'd find many people involved with both the manufacturing of structural steel and the manipulation and construction of such, to be quite suspicious of the story you seemly swallow with condiments and foolishly upchuck at the drop of a hat. Of course, they are not interviewed by the media...nor did NIST ask for their opinions. But their (and my) opinions spring from a long history of interaction with steel that far outweighs a Youtube video...though there is much truth displayed in Youtube videos.

Building 7 provides the smoking gun for most...the nature and behavior of steel says it all for me and many, many blast furnace operators and iron workers. So , keep up your tongue in cheek crapola as if it hides that you have something banging repeatedly in and out of your mouth...hopefully you are being paid for such services. That it took you until recently to find this blog says something about your powers of observation, or deduction, or reasoning...or something.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?