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Simple questions...

One of the commentors to the Youtube video of Schlosser asked what did he do to make the cops treat him so?

Early in the video, (I wrote this as I watched the video) it is stated that Schlosser spit in the face of an officer. Now I admit I do not know what preceded that, but from what I saw, Schlosser was completely irresponsible, trying to control the cops behaviour instead of his own. I believe he was faking not being able to breathe, faking the urge to vomit.

I could hardly watch it either, not the beating (for I saw none), but the filthy language of Schlosser and the absolute stupidity of him refusing to answer the simplest questions. He was not exercising his right to silence, as he apologized over and over, yet when asked what he was apologizing for, never answered. He sounded like a child that isn't getting his way who then pleads for and begs for freedom, promising to never do such a thing again, yet never stating what the thing was (except for the spitting part) when the officerwas trying to get him to own up to his erratic behaviour.

And this coming from someone who generally dislikes (hates) what our police are turning into.

I'm in agreement that there is a time to kill tyrants, but this is not an example of such a time. I never saw the cops beat Schlosser in this video and I watched through to the 25 minute mark when it became clear that there was no more to that video.

After a commercial (at about the 20 minute mark), I see earlier video (I'm assuming it is of Schlosser) of him being wrestled to the ground. After several other cops jump in, he is carried away - I assume in some sort of strait jacket.

During that action, I saw no batons swinging in the air, no arms flailing, and when they picked him up and carried him away, there was no blood on the floor. There was a white rag or hanky, and when it was picked up, there was no blood underneath it. The floor was uniformly shiny. A custodian came and began mopping the floor - apparently due to sweat and probably spit and saliva, leaving me to wonder if the incidents are about the same man, seeing as how this particular YouTube video is a compilation of various police brutality videos.

Seeing as how this is a compilation, I doubt the two videos are related, since one seems to be in a hospital and the other in a jail cell.

Perhaps, uastudy, you did not mean to confuse the videos, but the way I read your post, I was under the impression that you were describing all the things they did to Schlosser. If not, then I apologize for misunderstanding you, and the following comments are not meant as implying to your post.

This brings up a point that we in the patriot community need to remember, there are aggitators amongst us who would love to get the less emotionally stable of us to react instead of acting according to law or even common law. They will fudge evidence, doctor video and post accusative comments to stir up the anger of others.

We must not fall for any of that, but be like the founders - honest and deliberate in all our actions and words.

Though I am in no way a Quaker, doctrinally, I have always loved the story of the Quaker who said to someone committing a serious trespass against him, "Sir, I would do thee no harm; I wish thee no evil, but, Sir, thou art standing where I am about to shoot!"

What with the modern automatic weapons that we have today, and the split-second timing we have to make life or death decisions, I would probably shoot first and then say to the corpse, "Sir, I wished thee no harm, but thou wast standing where I was aiming to protect my liberties from being violated!"

Thanks for the video, uastudy.

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17