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I am very disappointed to hear he wants to charge you. I would forego him for the following reasons:

1) If he's a freedom fighter and won't give you ANY time free FIRST, that is bad news!

2) He is licensed in AZ and most likely doesn't know anything about D.C. law, etc.

3) He is not certified in constitutional law, which may be what Adam was pursuing as a defense.

4) If you are not VERY familiar with Adam's charges, what he wants, and where everything stands, you are wasting your time and money.

5) Cost IS NOT a reason to consult an attorney. That is relative and variable.

From what you have stated here, you are NOT PREPARED for a consultation. Please hold off.


Does anyone know what Adam, his father, or girl-friend want?
Anyone have their contact info?
How do they feel about his public defender?

I'm not up on the case as I was a couple of months ago.

I think George Donnelly was doing the best job with up-to-date info and help (imo).