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Actually they did make a lot of changes

It's not hard to find building code changes made very specifically because of 9/11. Google will turn up a lot, but for some (but not all) of the story you can go to (International Code Council) and enter "WTC" in the search box and find quite a bit about it. You can see the discussion there about collapse due to fire, etc. Of course you can say that they had to have those discussions and make those changes in order to support the official cover story ...

As for the building in Chechnya, even the infowars article includes the line:
“According to the emergencies service, the blaze has damaged an area of more than 14,000 square meters. It has completely destroyed the plastic trimming used on the building’s exterior, but the interior remained untouched.

If the blaze was due to a large amount of flammable plastic trim on the building's exterior, and the interior remained untouched, doesn't that make it a poor comparison to building seven?