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You've told me what

you didn't see, tell me what you did see. I'm more interested in finding where civilians draw lines. Spitting is not a crime, foul language is not a crime and refusing to answer questions is not a crime. Keep in mind, this man was removed from a cell. He was locked up. He presented no harm to anyone.

I'm not advocating killing anyone. The paragraph citing beatings and batons was meant to ask people to think about their actions (or lack of action). I don't advocate bringing a gun to these incidents. I do, on the other hand, wonder how people in a crowd can watch someone who can't fight back being beaten and they do nothing but announce they have the incident on film. When does their humanity kick in? What's to prevent the group from protecting the person on the ground, who can't fight back, until officers with cooler heads arrive? At times I get the impression the people who film these incidents are more concerned with fodder for Youtube than knowing the difference between right and wrong and reacting.

My comments have nothing to do with the patriot community or any other community. My question concerns the human condition. When do humans forget the boxes others wish to place them in and act like humans who know the difference between right and wrong? This is simply a question.