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That's not my experience tog

The soup kitchen operates out of a Catholic Church Parrish Hall, where we have even curbed prayer to not offend those who hate the Church but are hungry and in need. And some of them, who I know are not Catholic at all, I suggest they go to the preist, who I know has given many people cash for gas, hotel, formula diapers (which I happen to know, the rectory/ in the priests house, the office back room has a storage of baby products, bottles, formula, diapers, toys.. There are other soup kitchens here, some make everyone pray, some charge for food ($50.00 a month, all you can eat tues and thurs). Catholic Church asks for nothing in return.

And I know many members of the Church work at the hospital, clinic and the preganacy center and the women's shelter, and they do not evengeleize in trade for goods and services.

I think the Catholics sustain the flesh in prayer for the soul to find Jesus, or if the soul has found Jesus, that the flesh becomes strong again so the soul can witness for Jesus until Jesus takes that soul from the flesh.

If anything should ever happen to you tog, you need help, don't overlook the help the Church may give you without worrying they are going to hold a cross over you and force you to recite Hail Mary's and Glory Bes. :D Seriously.