Comment: More Republican lies

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More Republican lies

Over the past week or so an increasingly desperate Cuchinelli has engaged in a campaign to smear Sarvis as everything from a closet liberal to a democrat plant. Total BS mascarading as "libertarians" against Sarvis. He did get a $300k media buy boost from the Purple PAC run by notorious Obama supporter Ed Crane (former national chair of the LP and founder and long time president of the CATO institute). Came as total surprise to the Sarvis campaign.

I am deeply disturbed by Ron's endorsement and active campaigning for Cuchinelli - the anti-liberty candidate and darling of the Theocratic faction of the Republican Party. Cooch is going down like the titanic. I hope Ron and Rand got full value for their efforts from that loser who can't even muster support from the Virginia RP.
Made me want to organize a Sarvis sign wave at his event in Richmond last night.

Both McAliffe and Cuchinelli are awful but at least all the Dem will do is steal my money as opposed to shoving a vaginal probe into my daughter.

BTW. The smear efforts are failing. All it is doing is raising awareness of the Sarvis campaign.
Sarvis' numbers are holding and trending up.

"first they ignore you..." Kinda ironic.