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Have to agree Mr. Carbadge

I agree Rob,

First of all, has anybody heard from Adam on this issue of Marc Victor? I mean, it is kinda Adam's choice.

Next, the point about Marc being an Arizona trial lawyer not a district lawyer isn't waved away by "oh we can get him a local partner". The reality is at this point Adam will get the representation he can afford.

Next, I'm not gonna write off the public defender because I kinda doubt Adam is gonna get a first-year. This is one thing I got a good feeling about. This is a banner case, a potential careermaker and the legal profession is gonna be watching. If they don't get him real representation they are gonna have to work pretty hard to pretend they have. Cause we're gonna be watching.

Finally, most harsh, we're tapped. I'm looking at more possible jail time too and I'll be pro-per or have a public defender. I don't even know how to ask for more from this movement. Adam lost a LOT in losing his money so far because there's so many that just won't pitch in again. We don't throw money away as a rule.

Little mix of optimism and reality check.

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