Comment: My most downvoted comments

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My most downvoted comments

-- I said I was in favor of the Earned Income Tax Credit because it was an improvement to the welfare system that existed before it was enacted, and is close to the Milton Friedman ideal of a negative income tax to replace the welfare state.

-- I argued that closing national parks during the shutdown may have been a good thing, as it prevents a 'tragedy of the commons' situation from developing.

-- I asked whether Ron Paul would support gay marriage in Texas, since he keeps saying that it should be left to the states.

-- I called out another DP member for being a racist when he posted a video that featured a man saying that the Jews should watch out because if they don't shape up, there will be another Holocaust.

-- I said that most people on this forum are probably against government spending, unless its spending that they benefit from.

I still stick by the content of my statements, except I would have rephrased the last one to be less accusatory and inflammatory.