Comment: Can anyone give me an idea of

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Can anyone give me an idea of

Can anyone give me an idea of how many poeple were at this rally? Just curious.

Obama is going to make sure his guy wins this one. My opinion. I don't want him to win, but they are going to cheat their ever loving a holes off. And it sounds like it has already started, per Drudge. I really hope that if Cucinelli looses he calls for a recount.
Obama needs to win the house and senate to complete his agenda. I believe he is going to do everything in his power for this to happen, cheat in every way imaginable. so this election is going to be VERY important because it will set the tone for the rest of them. The democrats will stand up and say see the American poeple have spoken and they WANT Obamacare and they are so unhappy that the Republicans shut down the Gov't.... very nervous for the coming up elections, if the democrats win (and I think they will) we are in big big trouble.