Comment: Silver is going to beat Gold gains, its better to stack silver

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Silver is going to beat Gold gains, its better to stack silver

at a 1 to 50 gold to silver ratio.

Let us not forget the aspects of money by giving in to the intentions of virtual currency, once a ponzi always a ponzi.

Money is as abundant as it is conductive for now, inductive crystals may be the future of market money but for now I say stack metals, prepare for a real world and not a fraud... go with Iron big time while its low, all metals; iron, silver, gold, platinum, palladium, cadmium, and then make sure on the local level you start looking into crystals and energy inductive marketable goods... because God forbid when money evolves decades from now it has to go in the direction of inductive crystals to counter the conductive methods of metal monies. My hypothesis is that for this paradigm a huge leveraging play against the citizen to pull them away from metals is in the works, but after metal becomes money again naturally people with savings are going to hop into inductive monies that will change the tech paradigm into a natural open source money system where the individual is enabled by the market, not the consumer.

I believe in the long run that money will not be metals, but will be crystals and will be alchemical in our open source approaches in driving money as technology more efficient than simple electrical conductors

Since crystals are more brittle, I see them being more localized in a free market whereas I see metals going the way of the consumers malleability to industrial forces.

Crystals can be driven by local innovation to decentralize collective money supplies directly pegging monetary value to open source tech.

crystals can be alchemicalized as polymorphic solids and diffuse the uniform molecular condition of metals as global standards.

localized crystal money mean no group of collectivist ever again will morphologically consolidate money systems into their homogeneity ever again!

the inductive words rather than conductive words that flow from polymorphic crystals will spell the end of the reign for metal monies and their ensuing derivative frauds and a beginning of a paradigm shift akin to meeting an alien out of every person.

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford