Comment: I would go straight to the hospital

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I would go straight to the hospital

that you plan to give birth at and ask to speak to their financial person about your situation. I'm sure they'll understand where you're coming from not wanting any dealings with Obamacare, as they have no love for it either.

They will tell you what your stay will "really cost" without insurance and perhaps know where you can apply for more help.

I would try for a VBAC, or get a second opinion on the pelvis shape thing. My mom planned to have natural childbirth, but ending up having a C-section after 24 hours of labor and a shallow pelvis, so that does happen. Vaginal births are less expensive, thus the increased C-section rate.

People say that midwives are cheaper, but not when insurance doesn't pay for them at all. My insurance has loosened up a little bit, but will only cover CNMs and not CPMs. I've had six babies in the hospital because that's the cheapest place for me to have them.