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Two top posts have earned me multible downvotes (and then I get downvotes just for being The Granger). My "recent reception" was in the triple didgets until:

First was a top post I made explaining why as an elected GOP central committee member, I would be voting Romney (not for Romney, but to keep the seat I campaigned to occuppy, and Ron Paul Republicans wanted filled). What was interesting to me was I made what I thought was an informative post, after all, for all the political activism as a Libertarian and Indy, I never heard of central committees, and I had no idea how major parties operated, so I thought it would be beneficial as an education, about committees, oaths, and the GOP (first hand, not MSM, experience).

Being I have been on DP for a long time, posters from the 07/08 election knew that I had been a Libertarian/Indy activist. Registering GOP was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I don't regret it because of what I have learned about politics. I've said many times the only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07.. but like many here today, all I knew about the GOP was from others and MSM. My experience put what MSM and others say into a new perspective.

So, now I can say, even though I did what Ron Paul wanted, and many here who seems to LOVE Ron Paul way more than me, and who didn't even bother to join the GOP let alone become a delegate (not picking on you, do what you want), but the downvotes are something I regret because It was like being punished for reporting the truth on DP.

I don't see any hate in my post except in the downvotes, which probably didn't learn anything from my post, but a few did, and they made great comments and so I can't regret the top post because the positive comments made a bigger and positive difference that outweighs the massive downvotes. Last I saw that top post was #11 of all time downvoted posts.

The second top post, was a positive post about Israel, a people and place I only really began to study a few months ago. Bible Study had me curious about seeing the places in the Bible, and at the CA Spring GOP Convention, the last night of the convention at the banquet, Ben Shapiro's parents-in-law sat by me. They are Israeli and the people at the table talking to them were all gushing about Israel and it's achievement, which I knew nothing about. And then Ron Paul's words, that Israel was our friend haunted me. How did he come to that conclusion? I began to search for positive things about Israel. I made an effort. And I was AMAZED by what I was finding. I tried to share that with friends who were not interested at best, and warned me that I was making a huge mistake.

I don't feel like it's a HUGE mistake. I have found a lot of LOVE and PEACE and joy and good things and now I see why some folks gush about Israel, and I would LOVE to have intelligent debates, but too many are upset, and they have bought a perspective that I once had, I once had accepted as the whole truth and I bought it.. I didn't know any better. Now I do.

I think it's an important topic. I notice that other posters who post positive on Israel are also downvoted, insulted, ranted at, called names, stalked, "called out".. which I find hostile. If it's true the pen is mightier than the sword, well, welcome to the ether, which is more powerful than both, and posters positive for Israel are heavily downvoted. Where's the hate? I say in the name calling, insults, downcvotes, threats.

Which brings me to something I've been thinking about, this call on DP to "not be divisionary". I don't get this from a Libertarian perspective because having been a Libertarian the inside joke about us was that we were like herding cats.

As Libertarians you are free to say what you think, how you feel.. feelings and thoughs can change.. but the name calling and insults, the downvotes that are made from hate.

Though I have been accused by some, I have never made a post of hate. I had no idea how passionately the majority of DP community HATES and BLAMES Isarael and Jews and the excuses they give to self denial of that hate, for example, loving Jews who hate Israel, supporting Orthodox Jews who they know NOTHING about but like the fact they are against the Israeli government.

I regret hurting people on DP because that was never my intention. I like to think I look at the brighter side of life, seeking love and truth and what's good, while sharing life as it unfolds. There is no pone here that I hate or down vote or wish they would go away. Some folks here are very mean to me, but to me, that's them, not me. To me, if you come to DP to downvote folks, you must not have much of a life and if giving me downvotes is what rocks your boat, by golly, downvote away.. I won't stop loving you.

Here's my first post about Israel