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Certainly some nurses are jerks. There are jerks in every facet of the population, including Daily Paul members. But if you seriously think that there are large numbers of nurses trying to practice eugenics and want to kill people or screw around, you need to take off your tin foil hat.

I have nurses in my family. Yes, they have to follow instructions that are often based on the belief that drugs are the cure all, and many of them do not agree with the practice. In the hospital environment, they find themselves running around with too many patients, and not enough time to do everything, just like at many jobs, but they want to do the best job they can. They are human, and can sometimes make mistakes just like the rest of us mortals. They certainly do not try to do it. Perhaps you believe that you are superhuman and do not make mistakes, but I highly doubt it. Yes they are sometimes trained to call CPS, but again, this is no different than at any job that deals with the public in large numbers. Some know better than others, just like teachers and cops.

While you make some reasonable comparisons about being do gooders as a nurse, the simple fact is that a nurse does not have that kind of power a badge conveys. Sadly, the cops here most likely also do not start out as thugs. Probably 95% of them started out as good guys, but the training they get, and the tendency to like the power can turn some percentage into thugs, amplified by the mob mentatlity in groups. But I can assure you that most nurses do not get the training that makes them calous to the patient and family, and are far more likely to cry their eyes out over the loss of a patient after the shift is over than to try to harm someone.