Comment: False Flags REVEAL FAKERS here on the DailyPaul

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False Flags REVEAL FAKERS here on the DailyPaul

This shit is obviously fake. And because it is so obvious -- that means people who STAND UP for this Official Bullshit are probably part of the Official Coverup.

Look down below -- 2 people are fighting for the official story:

HuskerSkier & TheBaptist.

Look at their profiles, posts, & comments.

1)They aren't supportive of the Constitution. One of them says: "If you believe in the whole constitution thing, blah blah blah..."

2)They actively say: "I don't care about 9/11, sandy hook etc."

3)They post articles from their feeling of DOUBT about one topic or another: "I'm not sure about this.... why would they do that.... this person has changed, i wonder why...." FILLER POSTS so they look active here.

4)They argue that HUMAN RIGHTS don't actually exist ... what kind of fucked up argument is that ?

What can be done about these obvious FAKERS ?