Comment: Deflation is inevitable in a debt money system

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Deflation is inevitable in a debt money system

But the debt is the only reason that deflation would be a problem. When deflation happens as a result of more wealth creation, as opposed to a contraction of the money supply its a good thing.

Peter Schiff does think deflation isn't a possibility because of the fundamentals, he thinks so because he predicts that the fed will print. He welcomes deflation because we can liquidate the bad debt, endure a little bit of pain so the economy can restructure, and America can start producing again(after D.C. Realizes that all the protectionist regulations are the reason we haven't been and they need to be repealed) will deflation hurt? FUCK YEAH! Will it hurt as much as prolonging it? The pain is going to come one way or the other. The longer we wait the more time the power elite have to consolidate resources.

No downvote from me though. I enjoy discussion.